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The loyalty of liberals

As the civic life of America dissolves into partisanship and dysfunction, I cannot think of anything more worthy of study than Americans’ civic values. Jonathon Haidt’s recently released book, The Righteous Mind, Why Good People are Divided by Politics and … Continue reading

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What I wish Obama would say for Trayvon and our fearful nation

Democrats have a harder time articulating their values than Republicans do. The Obama Administration’s response to the Trayvon Martin killing is, I think, an excellent example of a characteristically Democratic response. Obama himself has, at the time I’m writing, said … Continue reading

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Snake-handling: An essential skill for democracy

I had taken a poisonous viper from the zoo and brought it home. It was darting around, hiding under the bed, then the dresser. It bit me once and did not inject enough venom to hurt. But it was sure … Continue reading

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