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The loyalty of liberals

As the civic life of America dissolves into partisanship and dysfunction, I cannot think of much more worthy of study than Americans’ civic values. Jonathon Haidt’s recently released book, The Righteous Mind, Why Good People are Divided by Politics and … Continue reading

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What I wish Obama would say for Trayvon and our fearful nation

Democrats have a harder time articulating their values than Republicans do. The Obama Administration’s response to the Trayvon Martin killing is, I think, an excellent example of a characteristically Democratic response. Obama himself has, at the time I’m writing, said … Continue reading

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Snake-handling: An essential skill for democracy

Main point of this post:  Even when people disagree, they can have a collaborative conversation, which might improve understanding or even find some common ground. But you’ll occasionally encounter a conversation partner who is more interested in playing conversational power … Continue reading

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